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Our smart contracts allow you to create decentralized bounties that release funds to lawyers based on achievement of legal milestones

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We are an award-winning team of experienced engineers, lawyers and designers disrupting the legal industry

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Curated campaigns for direct action

  • Support a class actions with funds & evidence
  • Pool funds safely into a smart-contract bounty
  • Attract the best legal talent to fight for you
  • Rally others to the cause

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What is Spicekit?

We are a decentralized platform that enables collective legal action by deploying secure smart-contract bounties and streamlining collection of evidence. The platform allows users to support class action lawsuits and investigations. We're starting with fraudulent ICOs, but as we grow we'll take on cases ranging from unfair business practices to product safety.

Our team consists of legal tech experts, software engineers, attorneys, and blockchain researchers. Join us on our mission to hold wrongdoers accountable.

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